How to Install Aluminum Storm Windows

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  • 4-40 hours
  • Advanced
  • 400-2,500
What You'll Need
Tape Measure
Pen or Pencil
A drill with a Screwdriver Bit
A stepladder.

Installing aluminum storm windows can help with your energy bill by sealing the windows from drafts. Storm windows are available in a variety of sizes for use in about any window in your home.

The existing windows in your home are the primary source for its heat loss as they are poor insulators. By adding aluminum storm windows over your existing windows, you can greatly reduce drafts and improve energy efficiency. They will provide a secondary thermal barrier of glass between the inside and outside of your home.

Measure Your Windows

Before installing your aluminum storm windows it is essential to have accurate measurements. Measure the existing windows themselves, not the frame. You will measure across the top, across the bottom, across the left side, the right side, and from corner to corner. Write down all of the measurements.

Choose Storm Windows

Storm windows come in both interior and exterior applications. Choose the right type by keeping these considerations in mind.

Interior storm windows typically last longer than exterior windows as they are not exposed to the elements. They slide over the screen in the window in the winter and are slid back during the warmer months.

Exterior storm windows are installed outside of your existing windows. They are removed during the warmer months so you will need to have room to store them. Condensation can occur with exterior storm windows which can produce mold on the window panes and the surrounding surfaces.

After making your storm window selection, make sure to purchase the right screws for that type of storm window for easy installation.

Install the Storm Window Frame and Glass

An interior or exterior aluminum storm window typically comes with the frame and the window glass and will have the screw holes pre-drilled into the frame. Using your drill with the screwdriver bit attached, screw the storm window frame into the existing window frame. Follow with fitting the storm window glass in the storm window frame.

Caulk to Seal Exterior Storm Window

For your exterior storm window, you will need to caulk around the frame as well as around the screw holes. Do not caulk the holes at the bottom as they are used as ventilation holes to prevent condensation.

Exercise Safety During Installation

Make sure to use a ladder or stepladder. Do not improvise and use other objects to stand on as they may not hold your weight and may be unstable.

Use caution when using the stepladder. Open the ladder fully and lock it into place on a flat surface. Make sure your footing is secure as you climb the ladder and do not stand at the top of the ladder.