How to Install an Address Plaque

What You'll Need
Address plaque
Stake (optional)
Power drill

Installing an address plaque on your home is a great way to add curb appeal, display your unique style and make it easier to locate your house from the street for visitors. Installing an address plaque is an easy project that can be completed in about an hour.

Step 1 – Select an Address Plaque

There are many designs of address plaques available to suit your unique taste. Look at your local home improvement or home decorating store to explore the various shapes, sizes, colors, materials and features. Select something that complements the look of your home and that can be installed on your porch or yard. Different kinds of address plaques can be wall- or column-mounted or posted on an ornamental stake and placed directly in your lawn. Consider what mounting option is best for you before you buy.

Step 2 – Select a Location to Mount the Address Plaque

Pick location that is easily viewable from the street, as one of the main purposes of the plaque is to be able to easily identify your house number. If you are mounting it on an exterior wall or a column on the porch, make sure it will not be obstructed by any trees or bushes. If you are planning to place an ornamental stake in the yard, position it somewhere that blends nicely with your landscaping, but is still easy to spot from the street.

Step 3 – Install the Address Plaque

Your address plaque will come with the necessary hardware to install it on aluminum, vinyl and wood siding. This will generally include standard brass or other material screws. If you plan on mounting your address plaque on brick or stucco, you will need to purchase anchors and screws at your local hardware store.

For a wall mount, determine where you will hang the plaque and mark the holes with a pencil. Drill starter holes into the siding, and then place the plaque, insert the screws and tighten.

For a lawn mount, mount the plaque to the stake in the same way as the wall model, and then push the stake into the ground in the desired location. If you have compact soil, use a hammer to drive the stake into the ground.

Step 4 – Consider Lighting Options

To make your home even more distinguishable and visible at night, purchase an illuminated or light-reflecting address plaque. You can either buy a model that comes with these features or purchase separate reflecting lights to really make your address plaque dazzle.