How to Install an Aftermarket Muffler

What You'll Need
Spare tire
Car Jack
New Aftermarket Muffler
New Brackets and U bolt
Jack stands or car ramps
Penetration oil
Impact wrench
Pry bar
Safety goggles or glasses

An aftermarket muffler is something that seems to becoming more and more popular among certain sections of the population. Although it can take a bit of time it is a fairly simple project provided the old exhaust is not rusted or full of holes. There are many different kinds of mufflers available and you will need the diameter of the pipe you will be fitting it onto. The aftermarket mufflers with a loud roaring noise that adds to the noise pollution factor are considered to provide increased horse power to a vehicle. Ultimately you could receive more citations for noise pollution with an aftermarket muffler that creates excessive noise. Make sure the engine is cold when you begin working on the vehicle.

Step 1: Preparation

Make space and place down an old blanket or something to lie on if you do not have a roll under board (also known as a "creeper") before starting the installation of your aftermarket muffler.

Step 2: Car Ramps or Jack Stands

You need to raise the vehicle onto car ramps or jack stands to enable you to get to the area of the vehicle where you will install the aftermarket muffler. This can be done either by driving the vehicle onto the car ramps or by jacking the vehicle up if you are using Jack stands. Make sure you disconnect the battery terminals.

Step 3: Jack Stands

If you are going to be using jack stands take the precaution of placing the spare tire under the tire of the area where you will be working. This simple step can save you from being crushed by the vehicle should your jack stands fail.

Step 4: Front Wheels

Make sure the front wheels can’t shift while you are attaching the aftermarket muffler.

Step 5: Safety Goggles

When working under a vehicle you should always wear safety goggles to protect your eyes from any loose dirt or steel.

Step 6: U bolt

Apply penetration oil to all areas that you will be unfastening. Unfasten the U bolt. If there is an additional bolt at the back end of the exhaust, remove that too. Now remove the old muffler. It should just slide out. If it doesn’t you might have to pry it loose with a pry bar.

Step 7: New Aftermarket Muffler

Before sliding the new muffler into position check the rubber straps to make sure they are still serviceable otherwise they need to be replaced. Slide the new aftermarket muffler into place. Replace the U bolt with a new one and fasten the back bolt. You shouldn’t be reusing a clamp at all. All clamps should be replaced when replacing a muffler.

Step 8: New End Pipe

Attach a new stainless steel end pipe to the aftermarket muffler to complete the assembly.

With that, you have installed the aftermarket muffler successfully.