How to Install an Aluminum Handrail

What You'll Need
Handrail and related components
Power drill
Rawl plugs
Tape measure

An aluminum handrail can be a useful addition to a range of different structures, such as a staircase or a deck. With the correct installation of a handrail, you can ensure that various aspects of a home are made safer and easier to use and also have a decorative touch.

Step 1 – Plot Position

The first step necessary is to plot the intended location for the aluminum handrail. The ease of this process will often depend on the type of rail that you are using. When you are attaching a bar rail to a wall at the side of a staircase, you need to ensure that the rail is placed at a height that is convenient for the majority of the users of the staircase. Use a tape measure and a pencil to mark same length along the wall to ensure the incline is precise. For a full rail being fitted to a deck, you should ensure that the handrail is flush with the base of the deck. No matter what type of rail is used, you should ensure that the length of it is sufficient for it to be effective.  

Step 2 – Fit Brackets

Most varieties of aluminum handrail will comprise brackets to support each spoke of the rail. Hold the bracket to the wall at the point you previously highlighted and use a pencil to accurately mark the recesses for the fasteners. These will be the points where you will drill the holes for the screws. When drilling into masonry, it is prudent to use a drill bit that matches the rawl plugs that you use. After fitting the rawl plugs, the brackets can be held in place while a screwdriver is used to insert the screws. Measure the distance to find the place for the next bracket and follow the process for fitting it. This process will be easier when fitting brackets to the straight edges of a deck.  

Step 3 – Install Handrail

The assistance of a friend will be beneficial when it comes to fitting the aluminum handrail itself. Your helper will be able to hold the rail in place for you while you attach it to the brackets, which is easiest if they are holding it at the center of the rail. Make sure that the rail is the correct way around before connecting it to the bracket. This can either be undertaken with a drill or by hand with a screwdriver to make sure that it is properly secured. Once one end of the handrail is secured, your helper should move closer to the other end to hold it while you secure it. Fit the ends of the rail first before any middle ones.

Step 4 – Finish

Finish up the process of installing the aluminum handrail by fitting any end pieces, which will prevent items getting caught on the ends. Where two ends of the handrail meet, this should be secured with a corner brace.