How to Install an Aluminum Pool Fence

What You'll Need
Aluminum Pool Fence Kit

An aluminum pool fence is an essential safety device that must be installed around pools. It is specially needed to help children remain protected against the risks of pool accidents. Pool fences come in a wide range of materials, but aluminum is the cheapest and best option amongst them. Not only is it rust proof, it is also more durable than any other kind. Aluminum blends with both traditional pool designs as well as with more trendy pool set ups. Moreover they come in ready kits that can be assembled in a jiffy, as and where you want, and without professional assistance.

Step 1: Secure Permission

Before installing the fence, you need to get a municipal order that allows you to do so. Make sure your fence fulfils the required criteria for height, design and even the type of gates within. Ignoring these norms shall lead to re-installation that would eat up your money as well as time.

Step 2: Deciding the Design

You can select the color and the look of the pool fences. If you want it to be visible from far and yet keep it plain, choose to go for basic shades like white. If not, then choose deeper shades that merge with your surroundings. Make sure you choose the right kit according to your needs. All the dimensions and related information are printed on the kit pack itself, so this should be an easy job.

Step 3: Select the Area of Installation

You must choose where you want to install the fence, keeping in mind that at least a 3 to 4 foot distance must be left free from the edges of your pool. This will leave enough space for people to move about in the area inside the fence. The narrowing of this space will compromise the enjoyment that the pool gives its users.

Step 4: Placing Posts

Dig the holes in the places you have decided to be the starting line of the fence, for installing the posts that have to be placed for support. After setting them up, fill up the gaps with pebbles or filler mud. Make sure that the posts have fitted in firmly and that they do not wobble when being connected to the aluminum fence.

Step 5: Attach the Fences

Lay all the fence kit pieces on a plain surface and connect them at the hinged points following the diagram printed on the pack. Once this is done, ask someone to help you carry this to the place where you have installed the posts. Hook up the assembled fence to the posts using the chains or joint-like structures on the fence surface. Put up the gates at the extreme end of the fencing so that there is less chance of mishaps even if a child manages to enter the fence. The gates must be self locking and must be put by screwing up the hinges to the hooks of the fence posts. After all this is done, simply sit back to experience the secure and beautiful pool fence that you installed all by yourself.