How to Install an Auxiliary Diesel Fuel Tank in a Truck

  • 2-4 hours
  • Beginner
  • 200-500
What You'll Need
Diesel fuel tank
What You'll Need
Diesel fuel tank

Having the auxiliary diesel fuel tank is a great support system, if you are planning to set out on a long road trip. Follow the instructions below if you wish to install an auxiliary diesel fuel tank in your truck.

Step 1 – Make Room

Remove all unwanted items and clear off the area. In case there is a bed mat, it would be advisable to take it off.

Step 2 – Get Help

The auxiliary diesel fuel tank will be heavy. It would be advisable to get someone to help you in carrying the tank to the truck.

Step 3 – Placing the Auxiliary Diesel Fuel Tank

Place the tank on the truck bed. The position where you place it is of utmost importance. There should be room in the front as well as the sides. Place the tank away from the bed or else vibration could cause a hole on the tank.

Step 4 – Marking

After ascertaining the exact position of the auxiliary diesel fuel tank, mark the points where the mount on the tank will meet the truck bed.

Step 5 – Drilling

Use the electric drill to make holes on the truck bed at the marked points. A 9/16 inch bit will be apt for this job.

Step 6 – Bolts

Use galvanized bolts to hold the mounts in place. Half inch bolts would suffice.

Step 7 – Placing the Bolts

Take the 1/2 inch bolts and slide it thought the flanges and the holes that you had drilled earlier. Fix the bolts and from the underside of the vehicle. This will hold the fixture in place. With the help of a wrench tighten the nuts.

Step 8 – The Filter

Look for the filter in the tank pump. After locating it, use a wrench to loosen the filter screw. Finally, take the filter out of the tank

Step 9 – Filling the Filter

Now fill the filter with diesel. After having done that place it back in the tank in the filter slot. Tighten the filter.

Step 10 – Fuel it up

Fill up your auxiliary diesel tank at a gas station.

Step 11 – Turn the Pump On

After filling the fuel tank place the fuel cap back. The fuel pump located on top of the tank has to be turned on.

Step 12 – Transferring the Fuel

Whenever you want to tap into the fuel in the auxiliary diesel fuel tank, connect the nozzle to the original fuel filler section. By depressing the handle you can start the transfer of the fuel from the auxiliary diesel fuel tank to the truck's original tank. Always remember to turn off the fuel pump after the transferring process.