How to Install an Electric Curtain Track

What You'll Need
Level or tape measure
Pencil or pen
Stud finder
Screwdriver (cordless or electric drill with a screwdriver tip is recommended, but a manual screwdriver can be used)
Handful of drywall screws approximately 1.5 inches long
Chalk line.

You’ve just bought an electrically operated curtain and the instructions that came with the curtain track are incomplete, or otherwise not sufficient to show you how to install it. There are 2 types of curtain tracks: ceiling mounted and wall mounted. The basic method of mounting the track is the same for both types. This article will list the tools required and then the steps to be followed to securely and safely mount the curtain track. Adjust these steps to take into account ceiling or wall mounting.

    Installation Steps

    Installation is simple and quick as long as the following steps are followed. This is much easier if you have a second set of hands to help you support the track until you have 2 screws holding it securely.

    Step 1

    Determine ceiling or wall mounting. If ceiling mounted, measure out from wall in at least 3 locations the desired distance. If wall mounted, measure above window opening in 3 locations the desired distance. At least 2 inches above window frame or from the wall is recommended to allow proper clearance and coverage of the window.

    Step 2

    Screw in 2 screws at either end of the track length partway. Use these with the chalk line to make a snap line to show the centerline of the track.

    Step 3

    Determine stud placement along snap line length and mark with small X.Remove chalk line and 2 screws.Align as many holes in track with the marked Xs. Start in the center and completely install one of the drywall screws through the track, drywall and into the stud. Work from one end to the other installing screws until all mounting holes have screws in them.

    Step 4

    Most curtain tracks have holes in them which allow up to 3 inches of adjustment in either direction. Loosen all the screws just enough to allow the track to slide and adjust until proper fitment side to side along the window is achieved. Once optimal alignment and optimal window coverage has been ensured, tighten all the mounting screws completely.

      It’s important to remember that if possible, at least the 2 outer ends of the curtain track need to have screws into studs to mount them securely. If the holes provided don’t match up to studs, there are two options:

      1. If ceiling mounting the track, have someone in the ceiling and place 2 by 4 blocks against the ceiling drywall where the screws go through the drywall. Make the blocks at least 4 inches long to distribute the weight.
      2. If nobody is available to crawl the ceiling, collapsible molly bolts or butterfly bolts can be used to ensure satisfactory strength.

      Having read this article, you are now ready to safely mount the curtain track for your automatic window curtains.