How to Install an Electric Gable Vent Fan

An electric gable vent fan provides the attic with sufficient air circulation to keep it cool especially during the hot summer days. Traditional vents are not enough to keep the house cool because maximum air circulation is not always guaranteed. However, a powered fan provides sufficient home attic and home cooling effect. Here’s how to install a gable vent fan.

Tools and Materials

  • Screwdriver
  • Circular Saw
  • Caulking Gun
  • Ladder
  • Wiring Equipment
  • Drill
  • Electric Gable Fan Installation Kit
  • Pencil
  • 2x4 Wood

Step 1 – Preparations

Determine where to install the fan in the gable. It should be placed high enough on the gable but not too close to the roof. Centering it on the gable will also allow the installation to look more uniform. If possible, install the vent in between the studs.

When purchasing a fan for the vent, consider the size of the attic. A much larger fan is required for attics that are wide. In addition, purchase a complete installation set to avoid having to purchase additional materials. Inspect the installation kit for completeness.

Step 2 – Cut the Vent Opening

Climb up to the location of the opening using a ladder. Use the template provided in the kit to mark the opening on the gable. The opening should only be just enough for the fan. If the opening is much larger, it will cause the fan to work inefficiently. After marking the square, drill holes on all corners to provide a marking. Use a circular saw to cut all sides correctly. Do not allow the saw to go beyond the drilled holes. Knock the cut square out.

Step 3 – Fit the Fan into the Opening

Cut two 2x4 wood to connect to the studs in the gable. These pieces of wood should run horizontally from one stud to the other and should be positioned just above and below the opening. Screw the wooden pieces to the studs.

Caulk around the flanges of the fan and insert it into the opening, with the motor facing the attic. Let it fit snugly as you screw it to the wooden boards securely. Read the manufacturer’s manual for more information on how to install the other mounting hardware included in the kit.

Step 4 – Wire the Device

Run a cable to a nearby switch. If a switch is not available, install one and connect it to the breaker panel. Be sure to turn off the electricity when working with wires. Locate the wire harness on the device and connect the wires to the cable wire. Connect the cable wire to the switch and double check all connections.

Step 5 – Caulk Around All Holes

On the interior surface of the gable, caulk all holes and gaps around the electric gable fan. All holes should be sealed to prevent hot air from entering back into the attic. Once the caulking is complete, turn on the power supply and inspect if the installation is successful. Double check the wiring connections if the device fails to turn on.