How to Install an Electric Motor for Your Fence

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What You'll Need
Electric fence motor
Nylon ties
Wire strippers

An electric motor for your fence makes access much easier when you or visitors are entering or exiting your property. Installing a motor to operate the gate is not as difficult as you may think. With the proper tools and instructions, you can install a motor for your fence. You can install an electric motor on your fence yourself by following these rules.

Step 1 - Determine Placement

When deciding to install an electric motor for your fence, placement of the motor is important so that it is not damaged by the fence opening and not damaged from splashing rain or snow that can get into the motor.

Step 2 - Mount The Motor

It is ideal to mount the motor with a strong plastic tie or another secure method of attaching the motor to your fence. You will want the motor to be at least 3 feet from the ground. This will provide ample enough space so that the motor is not too close to the ground. You should also mount the motor so that it is a minimum of 3 feet from an AC outlet to prevent any interference between the transmitter and transmitter box.

Step 3 - Install Backup Battery

Once the motor is secured in place, ensure that the power switch is in the off position. Use your screwdriver to remove the screws that cover the internal wiring of the motor. Now use the screwdriver to remove the battery panel. Remove the panel and attach the battery appropriately; red wire to the positive terminal and black wire to the negative terminal. Having a battery backup in your motor will ensure the gate will still be operational in the event of a power failure.

Step 4 - Prepare Power Cord

You are now ready to prepare your power cord for connection to the motor. With your wire strippers, remove approximately 3/16 of an inch of protective covering from the five wires inside the power cord. Tightly twist together the exposed copper wiring of each of the individual wires. Once this is done, loosen the nut that houses the strain relief valve and insert a power cord into the valve up to about 4 inches. Once done, tighten the nut until cord is snug in the valve.

Step 5 - Connect Power Cord to Terminals

Place the power cable wires into the appropriate terminals on
the first operator terminal block as the outline on the diagram shows. The green wire should be inserted into the GRN terminal, the blue wire into BLU, the orange wire into ORG, black wire into BLK, and the red wire into the RED
terminal.Tighten the set screws against the end of the wires.
Place the power cable wires into the appropriate terminals on the first operator terminal block as the outline on the diagram shows. Ensure that you connect all wires to their corresponding colors to prevent malfunction. Once all wires are in place, tighten the screws against the end of the wires and replace the cover on the motor.