How to Install an Electronic Air Cleaner

air purifier in bedroom

If you've recently purchased an electronic air cleaner, you're probably wondering how to go about installing it. Fortunately, while wired models require a little more work, setting up a free standing electronic air cleaner is a simple task that anyone can complete in a timely and stress-free fashion. Read on to learn everything you'll need to know.

Step 1 - Insert Your Filter

In addition to having a filter included in their packaging, most electronic air cleaners come with a pre-installed filter. But if yours doesn't, simply remove your air cleaner's back end by using your fingers to carefully unsnap the hinges that hold it in place. Having removed the cleaner's back end, carefully slide your filter into its designated spot on the interior side of the back end. Next, use your fingers to gently snap the cleaner's back end back into place.

Step 2 - Position Your Electronic Air Cleaner

Once you've found a suitable area for your cleaner, you may plug it in. Take care to place your cleaner at least three feet away from the wall in order to ensure that the device is able to clean the air found throughout the entire area. After properly positioning your electronic air cleaner, turn it on and enjoy the fresh, clean air the device will produce.