How to Install an Exhaust Fan Light

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Exhaust Fan Light

An exhaust fan light is a stylish way to illuminate a bathroom where an exhaust fan will be installed. Exhaust fans draw out moisture away from bathrooms to prevent the growth of molds and mildew. Since the moist air is sucked out of the whole room, there will be less space where these nasty microorganisms will grow. The exhaust fan also gets rid of chemical odors and other nasty odors from the bathroom. Nowadays, most exhaust fans usually include lighting in order to maximize space inside. Since the exhaust fan already provides illumination for the room, there is no need to install additional lighting. Here is how to install an exhaust fan light.

Step 1 - Prepare

Determine what type of exhaust fan to use on the bathroom. Since the exhaust fan comes with lighting features, it is typically installed on the ceiling. Purchase one at a local home improvement store. Some exhaust fan lights have very exquisite designs and may be very expensive. Choose one that fits the budget.

Before the installation proper, plan out how the exhaust fan light will be installed. Understand that it also requires the installation of an outdoor vent or a ventilation duct. Check the best route for the vent — either through the exterior of the wall or through the attic and the roof. In addition, it requires the installation of a junction box and a switch. Sometimes, it is easier to replace an existing exhaust fan light than to install a new unit from scratch.

Step 2 - Cut the Holes

Cut an opening on the ceiling by following the exhaust fan light template. Use a jigsaw to cut through the ceiling. Fit the fan light on the opening and mark where the screws will be placed. Pre-drill the holes for the screws.

Step 3 - Wire the Exhaust Fan Light

Turn off the power supply first before proceeding with the wiring process. The fan light will be directly connected to the power supply. If the switch is not yet installed, install it on a good spot first before continuing. Run the three-wire cable from the power supply to the location of the switch first and then from the switch, run it to the fan light. Remember to follow the color coding on the wires. Connect black to black and white to white. The green wire or bare wire will be hooked onto the ground screw on the switch and the fan light.

Step 4 - Mount the Fan Light

After all connections on the switch and the fan light are made, tuck the wires in to conceal them. Afterwards, screw the fan light on the ceiling to secure it in place. Make sure not to leave any loose connections. Install the ventilation ducts and the outdoor vents afterward.

Step 5 - Test

Turn on the power supply after the installation and test whether the installation is successful. Switch on the light and the fan to check.