How to Install an Infant Car Seat Cover

A baby getting strapped into a red car seat.
  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 15-65
What You'll Need
Baby car seat cover or slip cover
Infant car seat

Getting your car baby-ready has a lot of steps and one of them is installing your infant car seat cover. It is fast and easy.

It is important to note that all manufacturer installation is slightly different, so refer to the manufacturer materials for questions.

Step 1: Do Not Remove Original Cover

Do not remove the original cover unless the manufacturer directions instruct you to do so. Most replacements are intended to be installed over the original.

Step 2: Disconnect Seat belts

Unhook the seat belts from the metal brackets on the back of the car seat and pull them so the car seat is free. The seat belts at the front of the seat should easily pull away.

Step 3: Installation

Make sure the cover is appropriately lined up with the car seat so the top of the cover is at the top of the seat and begin pulling the cover over the seat. Make sure it is tightly pulled onto the car seat and that it is fully pulled over the seat and is flush against it.

Step 4: Attach Seat belts

Reattach the seat belts and other safety restraints to the car seat as they originally were. Make sure they are securely hooked to the back and the seat belts are where they belong.

Installing an infant car seat cover is easy, no matter what company makes the particular seat. But, remember to consult the manufacturer directions before starting this project.