How to Install an Intake Manifold

  • 2-6 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 30-100
What You'll Need
New Intake Manifold Gaskets
Putty Knife
Wrench Kit
Torque Wrench
Gasket Sealer
Gasket Solvent

Knowing how to install an intake manifold can save you a lot of money. However, the job is not easy and there are several important details that need to be taken into consideration. The intake manifold is responsible for distributing the fuel/air mixture to the cylinders, if mixture of fuel/air is not correct it can cause problems in the cylinders. Normally, this job is done by the automobile workshop; however, with the right tools and this guide you will be able to install the intake manifold yourself.

Step 1 –Permatex Sealer

Do not use any Silicone RTV for the intake ports because they will eventually dissolve and get into the intake ports causing a blockage that will hinder flow. Instead, use Permatex Aircraft sealer. It is what professionals use and will not dissolve with gasoline.

Step 2 – Getting Started

Start by cleaning the surface; use a putty knife to scrape away the old gasket. Be careful that you do not gouge the surface. Use a gasket solvent to clean the surface completely. Brake cleaner or alcohol make good cleaners. Clean the surface of all oil, if oil remains on the surface the sealer will not seal properly.

Step 3– Apply Silicone

Use your finger to apply silicone around the water ports of the head, remember to use the silicone sparingly. Apply a ¼ inch line of silicone across the end seal on the block. Then, apply sufficient Permatex Aircraft sealer around the intake port. Once you are finished, place the intake manifold gasket the right side up; there should be a marking saying “This side up”.

Step 4 – Other Gaskets

Follow the same procedure for the other gaskets as well, make sure you apply sufficient Permatex Aircraft sealer to the port and the gaskets before installing them.

Apply another coat of Permatex Aircraft sealer to the ports of the intake manifold; spread silicone on both the ends and wipe it over the end seal corners.

Step 5 – Set the Manifold

Place the manifold carefully over the gaskets; make sure it is properly in place. Use the torque wrench and tighten the bolts. Make sure you check your repair manual for the correct torque and tightening sequence, tighten the bolts accordingly.

Let the manifold set, it should take at least 6 hours for the sealer to set completely. Once the sealer has set, check the torque again to make sure is working properly. That’s all you need to do in installing the intake manifold, your job is now done.