How to Install an Interior Door

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Most people find at some point in their life they need to install an interior door. There are many different interior doors available on the market. You should look at the different styles that are available and compare door sizes. This way you can find the one that works best for your living situation and flows with your home décor.

Prehung Doors

The most common way to go about installing an interior door is by buying a door that is prehung. These work for both new installations and door replacements. Prehung simply means that the door that you are purchasing is already attached to the frame, and therefore ready to go. Prehung doors require less time and less work for installation. They leave less room for error and malfunction. Keep in mind that the new doorframe needs to be just a little bit smaller than your current door opening, so that you can level off the frame easily and accurately.


Once you have decided whether you want to use a prehung door or completely build the door and frame yourself, you will need to get the proper materials. With a complete installation, there are a lot of materials that you will need. It can be much more cost effective to use a prehung door. They are a little bit more expensive, but end up costing less when you figure in materials. Do it yourself stores and home improvements stores all carry a wide variety of doors and hardware kits.

Removing Old Door and Framework

When installing an interior door, you will need to remove the old door and the entire framework that goes with it. This is true for both prehung and do it yourself installations. Your new door will often not work with the old framework. This is due to the fact that the old frame may have settled, become damaged, or warped. You want a fresh start to everything when installing a new door. You will also want to remove any door guards or trim around the area where the door is going to be installed.

Finalizing Installation

Frame the area where the door is going to be installed if you are using a do it yourself door. If using a prehung door, you will fit the frame into the opening that is provided. Screw the frame securely to the studs and surrounding walls. Then, cut any necessary holes for faceplates or latch mechanisms. Once you have done this, you will have a door that is successfully installed. Make sure that the door is level, and then you are finished.