How to Install an Ornamental Iron Fence

Lead Image
  • 10-20 hours
  • Advanced
  • 2,000-6,000
What You'll Need
Iron posts
Iron brackets
Iron panels
Concrete or cinder blocks/trowel
Masonry drill/Drill bits
Powered augers, wrecking bars or jack hammers
Plastic crate sheet
Other construction tools/Safety gear

Placing an ornamental iron fence outside your house can add a touch of elegance to the entire structure. However, when you ask for a wrought iron or an ornamental iron fence, a lot of professionals and companies will recommend that you use aluminum fencing instead. Regardless, iron fencing is much stronger than any other material, and it is also much better looking. In fact, iron fencing offers a much higher level of security. So, if you’ve chosen to install an iron fence, you just might have to do it on your own. You should keep in mind that it requires some amount of elbow grease.

Step 1 - Selecting a Fence

There are several different styles of iron fences available commercially. Iron fencing usually appears much better when used in large properties and neighborhoods. If you have a house that has a Tudor or Victorian style, wrought iron fencing would look perfect. Along with this, you will also have to install an ornate gate at the entrance, which should match the fence that you have.

Not everyone can install iron fencing in front of their house; you will have to first meet your zoning inspector to obtain a special permit that allows you to install it. If you are a licensed contractor and have masonry certification, you may not need any other permits. To make sure, check your local laws and proceed accordingly.

Step 2 - Breaking Ground

You will need heavy equipment to dig into the ground. Equipment like gas powered augers, wrecking bars and jack hammers may be needed. According to the size of the iron panels of the fence, you will have to place the holes accordingly. Zoning laws require the posts to be secured by concrete or cinder blocks. When you dig the holes, and insert the panels, you will have to anchor the posts in concrete.

Step 3 - Anchoring the Posts

Use a plastic crate sheet to mix concrete. You will need about 80 pounds of concrete per hole that you have dug up. Pour the concrete into the holes and place the iron post inside. After placing the post, square it with the fence line and trowel the concrete to make a slope. This is done to get rid of rainwater. Once the posts have been inserted, allow them to be cured for at least 24 hours.

Step 4 - Attaching the Panels

There are standard attachments on the panels. You can use these to insert the panels on to the iron posts that you have inserted. The instruction manual of your iron fence will have instructions on how to insert the panel into the posts. Usually, the fence would require three brackets to be installed around the post to attach the panel. The brackets will be provided with the iron fencing kit. These are also extremely simply to attach. Once the panel has been inserted into the posts, check the entire fence to see for any weak points.