How to Install an Outdoor Water Fountain in a Lake

What You'll Need
Water fountain pump
Hoses, clamps, pipes,
Rigid netting

An outdoor water fountain can add a lot of interest to a lake or pond on your property. It can add value but the real pleasure is aesthetic. It’s not difficult to add an outdoor water fountain. It only requires a few materials and you don’t need any special skills.


Step 1 - Container

The first thing to do is measure how deep your lake is in the area you’ll be putting your outdoor water fountain. To do this you’re going to have to wade into the lake, but you’ll be spending time there anyway when you install the outdoor water fountain.

Step 2 - Pipe

To create the pipe for the fountain, you’ll need to measure the height of the pump for your outdoor water fountain. Attach rigid tube to it. Cut the tube to a height you desire that’s above the level of the water in your lake. You can find these tubes at hardware stores or nurseries.

Step 3 - Pump

It’s best not to put the pump for the outdoor water fountain directly on the ground, as this means it can fill with debris and clog more easily. You need a good flat rock for it to rest on, one that’s big enough to easily accommodate it.

The pump should come with a filter to cover the water intake. This will keep out dirt and debris. If your pump doesn’t have this, try attaching a hose to the intake and positioning it so the end of the hose is off the floor of the lake.

Step 4 - Placing the Fountain

At this point you’re ready to place your outdoor water fountain in the lake. Put the pump on the rock, with the rigid tube pointing up so it projects out of the water. You have a choice between simply letting water come out of the tube or buying fountain attachments for the tube end. The different designs of fountain attachments are easy to put on the pipe, and will create different effects in the way the water sprays.

Step 5 - Securing

You need to be able to secure the fountain in place so it won’t tip over if disturbed. One way to do this is to use rigid netting. Cut a hole in the center that’s large enough to accommodate the tube. Use stakes that are the depth of the water. Attach one end to the netting and push the other into the ground under the water of the lake. This will keep the outdoor water fountain in one place.

Step 6 - Finishing

The pump for the outdoor water fountain won’t run without power, and that’s provided by electricity. The cord for the pump is submersible and waterproof, but the plug will need to connect o an outlet where it’s dry and sheltered. When plugged in the outdoor water fountain will start automatically. You’ll need to adjust the flow from the pump up or down until you’re happy with the way it emerges.