How to Install an RV Macerator Pump

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  • 2-3 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 130-1,100
What You'll Need
Macerator pump

An RV macerator pump is a tool used in boats and RVs. It is designed to chop up the waste from a toilet so that it can be more easily emptied. Macerator pumps are usually supplied with the RV, but they can also be bought and installed by the owner. The pump can easily be fitted into place without help from a professional.

Step 1 - Fit the Pump Together

Turn off the power and water supply to your RV toilet. Fit the pieces of the RV macerator pump together, following the instructions that come with the device. As there are a number of different types of RV macerator pumps, you should only use the instructions which are provided with your pump.

Step 2 - Install the Pump

Place the RV macerator pump between the shut-off valve and the holding tank connection. Fit the tube to the side of the tank, making sure that it is clamped tightly. Push the screws into the flange, and then screw them into place. Use a seal around the edges of the plumbing and then tighten this seal using the wrench. You should then take the switch up to the side of the toilet, and screw this into place.