How to Install and Use a Natural Gas Pool Heater

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  • 6-10 hours
  • Advanced
  • 1,100-3,000
What You'll Need
3 in-line valves
PVC pipe
Various PVC pipe fittings
PVC cement
Spray bottle
Soapy water
Flex gas line

Installing your very own natural gas pool heater is a great way for you to warm up the swimming pool at your home. You can heat up the water in your pool to give you the effects of a Jacuzzi, depending on the temperature settings. A natural gas pool heater has many advantages compared to other types of pool heaters such as those that produce heat using electricity. A natural gas pool heater is more energy-efficient and more environment-friendly than an electric pool heater. Below are the materials that you need along with the instructions on how to install a natural gas pool heater.

Step 1-Location of Pool Heater

Locate your ideal spot for the natural gas pool heater. The spot will depend on the type of heater model you have chosen to buy. As much as possible, find a spot that is near a pump so that you will not have to use as much piping. Also, keep in mind that the locations of your pool natural gas heater should be accessible to where your gas supply lines are.

Step 2-Piping

Place the pool heater in the pump filter system of your house. Take note of the necessary measurements for piping. Cut the water flow right where the filter part ends. Take the PVC pipe and run it through the filter area all the way to the inlet of the filter. Insert a “T” joint inside the PVC pipe before the heater. Install an in-live valve outside of the “T” joint and proceed to the heater part. Run a PVC pipe through the outlet to the inlet of your pool. Place an in-line valve across the initial valve installed, and place another “T” on the outlet. Run a PVC pipe in between the two “T” joints. Install a third-in-line valve in between the PVC pipe. The valves will enable you to monitor the heated water flow.

Step 3-Connect Gas Supply

Connect the gas supply to the heater. You may want to consult a professional technician for this so that the gas supply lines are safely and correctly connected. A shut-off valve must be installed, connected at the end of your gas pipe. Run a flex tube from the shut-off valve to the gas inlet of the pool heater. Using a spray bottle filled with soap solution, turn on the gas and check for gas leaks.

Step 4-Test the Pool Heater

You can test your pool heater. Turn it on and adjust the thermostat to the heat temperature you want. Once heated, make sure that the heater emits a blue flame. Wait for a few minutes, and allow the heater to take effect on your pool until the water is as warm or hot as you want it to be.