How to Install Arch Window Shutters

When you plan to install arch window shutters, they can be slightly trickier than other types of window shutters. There is also a somewhat narrower range of style choices. Their shape requires precise measuring and fitting, and the following steps will make the process go more smoothly. Both interior and exterior arch window shutters consist of a panel that is often called louvers, and these louvers can be either fixed or movable. This allows for a greater range of flexibility, even with the added consideration of the arch shape of the shutters.

What You Will Need:

Window shutters of your choice

Screws (should be included with shutters)

Frame strip (if needed)

Correctly-sized screwdriver

Steel tape measure (recommended for accurate measurements)

Step 1: Consider Window Use

Arch windows are designed to be stand-alone openings with a defined bottom and no vertical sides. Their unique shape allows for a smaller range of choices for window shutters, and their ease of installation is directly related to how precisely the arch window was cut into the structure. Measure the arch to determine if it is a half circle with the width being exactly twice the height.

Step 2: Decide Shutter Type

The options for arch window shutters include pleated shades, cellular shades, wood blinds, and custom wood shutters. When selecting these, keep in mind the décor of the room and how well they will coordinate with it. Also think of how much sunlight the shutters will need to block.

Step 3: Test-drive Shutters

Custom wood shutters can be designed for either elliptical or semi-circle windows, and they are usually the most popular type. These are put together in a fan pattern that radiates out from the center, and be sure to screw them in place so that these fan-patterned shutters are centered with the middle of the window.

Step 4: Measuring

Measure your arch window exactly and determine if your shutters will be installed on the inside or outside of the window jamb. Mounting the shutters directly to the inside of the window jamb does not require additional materials such as hang strips, and it is recommended to do this with arch shutters whenever possible. Measure the window for depth by placing your tape measure on the front plane of the back of the window and running it to the first part of the window that would block the louvers from completely opening.

Step 5: Installing

Once you have determined the correct depth (this can be confirmed by the shutter manufacturer’s documentation), attach your new shutters to the inside window jamb with the correct-size screws. Double-check each side for exact symmetry. If you do not have the correct depth, your second option is to do an installation to the outside of the window jamb. Attach the frame strip for this as close to the jamb as possible, and this frame should fit around the shutters on three or four sides, depending on if your window has a bottom sill. Screw the frame strips directly to the wall or window trim. Then hinge your shutters to the frame strips, again checking the measuring guidelines from the shutter manufacturer.