How to Install Arched Window Blinds

What You'll Need
Arched window blinds
Window brackets
Arch support clips

Arched window blinds can be a great addition to any window that has a high arch at the top. Standard blinds will not cover this space, and you may want to keep the sunlight out or have some privacy. Follow the simple steps below to effectively install arched window blinds. 

Step 1 - Determine Where to Put the Brackets

You need support brackets to attach the arched window blinds to the window. These brackets will need to be placed on the inside edge of the window frame. To determine where to put them, lift the window blind up in the arched portion of the window. Hold one of the brackets up to the wall directly below the edge. Now that you see where the bracket should go, mark where the screws need to go with a pencil. You can also use a level to determine if the brackets are positioned straight. Make sure that everything is level so that the blind will fit into place correctly.

Step 2 - Drill the Holes

Now that you know where to put the screws, take the brackets back down and set them aside. Use an electric drill to pre-drill the hole where the screws will go. This way, you can easily get the screws in place while you are trying to hold the bracket up into place. 

Step 3 - Attach the Brackets

Once you have the holes ready, you can install the brackets. For this part of the process, you will simply need to hold one of the brackets up into the appropriate area and then screw a screw into the hole. Fill all of the holes in the bracket with a screw. Then repeat the process with the other bracket on the other side of the window.

Step 4 - Arch Support Clips

Many arched window blinds will also come with arch support clips. These are tiny little clips that you can attach to the upper part of the window so that they can support the upper portion of the arched blind and keep it from falling over. These clips attach in much the same way as arched window blinds. Most of them only have a hole for a single screw. You can use your drill to screw these clips up into the top part of the window frame.

Step 5 - Put up the Blinds

Now that you have the brackets and the arch support clips in place, you can put up the blinds. You should be able to slide the blinds into the brackets and then put the cloth part of the blind into the support clips up above.