How to Install ATV Mud Tires

an ATV in the mud
  • 2-3 hours
  • Beginner
  • 10-25
What You'll Need
Clip-on air chuck
Long extension hose
Remote filler
Inflation gauge
Dishwashing liquid soap
Tire wrench
Air compressor
ATV jack
Strap ratchet

ATV mud tires improve off-road capability. Not only do they provide your ATV with a more rustic appearance, they come in various styles and sizes. If you don't properly install your ATV mud tires it can be dangerous and remember always install your tires in a safety cage.

Step 1 - Using a Jack

With a small jack you will want to jack up the ATV axle with the tire you are planning on installing.

Step 2 - Deflating the Tires

Lay your rim face up and lay it flat on the ground. Now deflate the tire. To do this, remove the tire valve core. This will ensure that the air will be let out. You may need to kneel down on top of the tire to release more air. Next, in between the rim and the deflated tire you will force down a screwdriver. Pushing the screwdriver handle up towards the rim will help you force the entire inner tire bead to slide off. It may take you awhile to pry this out. Don't be afraid to use a lot of force.

Step 3 - Applying Dishwashing Liquid Soap on Inner Bead

Take some dishwashing soap and smear it around the inner bead of the new ATV tire. This will help it ease on the rim during installation. Once the new ATV tire has enough soap, you can place it over the rim.

Step 4 - Putting the Tire on the Rim

You will want to force the tire to slide onto the rim. It may be just as difficult as when you tried to pry the old tire off. If you need to add more soap, don't hesitate to do so. Continue to pry the part of the tire you are kneeling on to get it on over the rim with a screwdriver. This is essentially the opposite process of taking the tire off the rim previously. Next, place the screwdriver between the rim and the tire. With one hand you will pull back on the handle of the screwdriver. With the other hand, force the tire to slide fully over the rim.

Step 5 - Inflating the Tire with a Strap Racket

On the circumference of the tire, you will run a strap ratchet over it. You want to keep ratcheting the strap until it completely forces the tire sidewalls to seam out. Once the inner tire bead is touching the outer tire bead, the tire will be ready for air. Now using an air compressor, put air in tire until bead seals. Remove the strap ratchet. Now you can finish inflating the tire.

Step 6 - Tightening the Rim

Put the tire on the ATV axle. With a tire wrench, tighten the rim up towards the axle. Next you can lower and remove the ATV jack.