How to Install Bamboo Fence Panels

Lead Image
  • 10-20 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 500-2,000
What You'll Need
Bamboo fence panels
Cedar or treated wood fence posts
A-frame ladder
Sledge hammer
Tape measure
An assistant

A bamboo fence is a great option to choose when you are trying to increase your home's privacy. Following the steps of installation will result in a durable fence that requires minimal maintenance.

Step 1 - Choose Panel Type

Before purchasing the bamboo fence panels and posts, measure the entire length of the area where you intend to install the fencing, ensuring that you take into account a clearance gap between the panels and the ground. Also, take the opportunity to decide what height you want the fence to be as you will find that the panels are available in different heights.

The most common type of bamboo panel fencing is made up of bamboo poles that have been lined up vertically and fastened together with rust-proof galvanized wire; these panels have a lifespan of approximately 20 years and are available at most hardware stores.

Step 2 - Fit Posts

Start at one end, and fit a post, which will act as the end of the fence when it is completed. The posts act as support for the panels and should be at least 4x4 in diameter and is longer than the panels. Make sure that when the top of the post is level with the top of the panel, there are several inches between the bottom of the panel and the ground. This is required to ensure that the panels do not suffer damage due to excessive moisture.

Depending on the type of soil, either hammer the post into place or dig a hole to accommodate it. After fitting the first end post, measure out the width of a single panel so that you know where the second one is to go. Continue in this manner until all the posts are fitted. Ensure that each is deep enough in the ground to make it secure.

Step 3 - Fit Panels

The bamboo fence panels should comprise stringers which are the small wooden components that enable them to be fastened to the posts. A six foot high fence will usually have three evenly spaced stringers at each end. If you have someone to help you, this is when their assistance will be required. Plant an A-frame ladder in place next to the first post and ask your assistance to help you lift the panel into place so that the top of the panel is level with the top of the post. Ask your assistant to make a final check of the clearance between the base of the panel and the ground.

Step 4 - Secure Fasteners

Once you're satisfied with the position of bamboo fence panels, you can secure them in place by hammering a nail through the stringer and into the post. Start with the top stringer and work your way down. Continue in this manner until you have fitted all the panels.