How to Install Basement Window Bars

window bars

Installing window bars in your basement windows is a safety feature, since these windows are easy targets for burglars. Window bars may be installed in the window frame or mounted independently. Keep aesthetics in mind when choosing windows bars. You can get them custom made if you cannot find a style you like in the hardware stores in your area. Follow these steps to install basement window bars.

Determine the Location

Decide the location for the window bars. With aeration in mind, you must consider which side the windows swing as they are opened. It will help you to determine where to put the bars. If they swing either outwards or inwards, the bars will be put between the window and the mesh. If the windows slide, then the bars should be installed on the inner side of the window.


Take measurements of the vertical height of the opening side of the window with a tape measure. Find the window’s center by dividing the measurements. Measuring from the windowsill and marking the center on each of the sides of the opening on the window frame using a pencil. Put two marks at a distance of 1-inch to the inside from the corner of the inner wall on the left-hand side of the window using the pencil.


Put the left guiding rail in the center on the mark at the vertical height with the guiding rail edge that is facing the room in line with the pencil mark made at the 1-inch points. Each of the mounting holes on the frame of the window must be marked using a pencil.


Drill at every one of the marked places using the .15-inch bit. Ensure that the holes are in line with the left guiding rail. Run 1 screw into each of the holes using the screwdriver.

Repeat on the Other Side

Repeat the above steps in order to secure the guiding rail on the right side of the frame of the basement window. Pull the hinged guiding rail towards the room.

Secure the Bar

Sliding the basement window bar assembly carefully into the hinged guiding rail, secure the bar assembly to the rail as per the manufacturer's guidelines. Close the bar and adjust the locations of the height and the width by turning the screws with a screwdriver. Make the screws tamper-proof with the materials supplied by the basement window bar manufacturer.