How to Install Bathroom Base Cabinets

You can get ready-to-install bathroom base cabinets in different models. Base cabinets either sit on the floor or they are mounted on the wall under the countertops. The cabinets are generally provided with doors so that you can store the items in them under the counter tops. The top is either flat or it will accommodate a sink. You can get the quote from a contractor to do the job. However, it is easy to buy these freestanding base cabinets and installing them.The following are steps on how to install bathroom base cabinets.

Materials and Tools

  • Cabinets
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil
  • Stud Finder
  • Paper
  • Nails
  • Screws
  • Hammer
  • Drill
  • Level

Step -1: Measuring the Floor Space to Buy Cabinets

Take the measurements of the floor space available for installing the base cabinets. It is necessary to take the correct measurements to purchase the exact size of cabinets required. You have to measure the height, width and the depth for the cabinets. Take a paper and record the measurements. Make a rough sketch indicating the cabinets in the particular area and their dimensions.

Step -2: Finding the Location of Wall Studs

Locate the position of the wall suds with the help of stud finder. Alternatively, use a hammer to gently tap the walls to locate the studs. You will get a hollow sound. The cabinets should be fixed to wall studs to secure them. Mark the stud locations with a pencil. Make straight vertical lines to show the center of the studs.

Step-3: Buying the Base Cabinets

Purchase the base cabinets and all hardware for installing them. Ensure that  all hardware and parts are ordered.

Step- 4: Finishing the Cabinets

Sand the cabinets for finishing before installation. Stian or paint finishes them. Allow them to dry.

Step-5: Mark the Position of Supports

Mark the position of supports using a level and tape measure. Make it a point that supports will be straight. Mark the position of top, middle and the bottom supports.

Step-6: Fixing the Supports

Fix the supports securely with nails and a hammer on the marks such that they are properly located.

Step-7: Installing the Cabinets

Level the cabinet front to back and also from side to side. You can use shims to adjust them in position. Install the cabinets on their supports. Ensure that the base cabinets are fastened securely with the supports. These should not be loose to fall apart when you keep the items into them. Fix screws through the cabinet back rail into the wall studs. Trim the shims before fixing so that these are not visible when the countertop is in place.

Step- 8: Fixing Counter Top

Position the counter top after installation of sink and faucet set, and attach the counter top to cabinets from underneath. To fit the countertop, simply lift it up and place it over the cupboard top.

Step-9: Installing Doors and Handles

Mount the base cabinet doors with the hinges that fit onto the cabinets into their positions securely. Mount the handles for doors. Make sure that the doors are working  properly.