Bathroom Tub Fixtures for Disabled People

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The bathroom can be a dangerous place, especially for someone with disabilities or limited mobility. With some time and money, you can add design elements to an existing bathroom in order to make it more accessible and safe for an individual in need. This article will share with you several ideas on how to do so.

Extra Lighting

In many circumstances, the lighting in a bathroom is fairly adequate. When someone has trouble seeing, this adequate light now becomes less than desirable. There are several design elements you can add to the bathroom in order to offer increased lighting.

A Hollywood style mirror is a possibility. Essentially, you get a mirror that has bulbs which surround the reflective surface. Another option are light fixtures that are easily installed to the existing wall, then simply plugged into an outlet.

Shower Seat

Anyone who has trouble standing for long periods of times will greatly benefit from a shower seat. If someone else is in the home, then a folding shower seat will be a better choice because it can be folded out of the way.

Folding shower chairs are very easy to install. Find the wall studs and drill pilot holes using a masonry bit. Screw the brackets through holes, attach the seat, and tighten the screws. Using silicone around the screws to keep the chair in place for many years of use.

Safety Bar

A safety bar is also known as a hand rail or guide bar. It is a metal bar that is fastened to the wall of the shower or tub. It is attached to the studs of the wall behind the tile.

The safety bar is also useful to allow the person to pull themselves from the shower seat, help as a way to let them get in and out of the shower/tub, and help pull themselves up if they happen to fall.

Handheld Shower Wand

A handheld shower wand is the least expensive upgrade. The beauty of the shower wand is that anyone in the home can benefit from it. It can replace or act in conjunction with your current shower head. You are able to turn the shower on and physically manipulate the shower wand in order to properly wash. You can install the handheld shower wand at a level that is easy to reach so that someone can get it when they are seated.

Non-Slip Mats

These have become standard in many showers due to the slippery nature of porcelain, tile, and other materials for shower floors. These mats often are rubber with suction cups on the bottom. You can also use individual non-slip stickers instead of a full mat.