How to Install Boat Lounge Seats

  • 1-2 hours
  • Beginner
  • 25-75
What You'll Need
Electric Drill
A Hacksaw
A Solid Lounge Chair
A Boat Pedestal
A Boat Seat Leveler

Boat Lounge Seats make the living area of your boat more enjoyable and relaxing. Your boat is incomplete without your very own boat lounge seats. If you do not feel like spending the day in your boat with your fishing rod, then you can relax in your boat seat to get a good tan and enjoy a book. Moreover, to make your boating experience more fun and adventurous you should install your boat lounge seats yourself! Don’t worry, the task is not as arduous and difficult as it sounds. It is fairly simple and you would be saving a lot of cash by doing this task on your own. In a few simple steps, you will make the living area of your boat perfect for lounging in the sun and the envy of other boat owners.

Step 1 – Installing The Pedestal For The Lounge Seat

This is the easiest step towards the installation of your lounge seats. In this step, your boat seat would be connected to your boat pedestal. First check if your boat already has a boat pedestal. If it does then you can move on to Step 2. However, if your boat came without a boat pedestal then you can easily purchase one from the nearest marina. Once you have acquired the pedestal the next step is to place the pedestal where you would like to have your boat seat installed. Moving on, using sturdy screws, fasten the pedestal to that spot.

Step 2 – Lounge Seat Creation

In this step you would require the boat seat leveler. You can purchase these levelers from your local marina or, if you want to save more cash then remove one from any discarded boat seat. Boat seats can be purchased brand new or old seats can be found from any yard sale. Coming back to the step, use the lever to adjust the height of you lounge seats at your preferred height. If your boat seat has any extra parts it should be free of them, i.e. remove the legs, etc. with the help of a hacksaw.

Step 3 – Connecting The Boat Lounge Seat And The Boat Lever

After you have cut off the legs from your boat seat now you need to join the boat seat leveler to the base of the boat seat. You need to take care that the part where your boat leveler joins the boat seat is not the same as where the boat leveler and the boat pedestal are attached. In this step, you have two options regarding how the boat seat and boat leveler are fixed together. If you are good at welding and want to have more of an adventure while installing your boat lounge seats, a viable option would be to weld these two objects together. Welding will make the two parts into one and your job will be sturdier and stronger. Otherwise, if you are afraid of welding and do not want to take the risk then you can simple screw together the boat seat leveler and the bottom of your lounge seat. The latter option would not give more durable results, but is simpler and easier than the former option.

Step 4 – Adjusting The Lounge Chair To Your Preference

After you are done with installing the lounge chair, you can make use if the boat pedestal and leveler to rotate it and lift it up or lower its height. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with all the hard work you have put in, you can easily detach the chair from the boat by unscrewing the pedestal. On a cautionary note, the chair should be tested before the boat is taken in the water after the installation.

That’s all there is to installing boat lounge seats. Now you can sit back and relax in your boat lounge seats with a fishing rod or simply doze off under the shining sun.