How to Install Cafe Curtain Rods

What You'll Need
Caf curtain rod
Caf style curtains
Window treatments
Drill (1/16 inch drill bit)
Tape measure

When decorating for your kitchen or sunroom, installing a café curtain rods are a great solution. Café style curtains were invented for use by cafes that wanted privacy for their customers but still wanted to let sunlight in. These kinds of curtains cover only the bottom half of the window so that the view is blocked, but sunlight is allowed in from the window at top. The same principle are used in window coverings in  modern kitchens and sunrooms. There are a few varieties of café style curtains out there today. Some only cover the bottom half of the window and others come with a matching valance.

Step 1 – Measuring the Window

Take your tape measure and measure the window, both height and width, at its inside frame. Make a pencil mark at the mid-point height of the window on the frame on both sides of the window.

Step 2 – Finding the Right Café Rod

Because most curtain rods are installed above or over a window frame, rod length or size did not matter. However, because café curtain rods are installed inside the window frame, you’d need to purchase a curtain rod that fits the measurement of your window frames. With the measurement in hand, go to your local hardware or home designing store and purchase the café curtain rod that fits the width of your window frame. Before you buy, however, check that the curtain’s length also matches the mid-point height of your window. You don’t want the curtains hanging too low below the window frame or too high above.

Step 3 – Install Rod Brackets

Drill small holes for screws to start from at the pencil mark that was made at the mid-point of the frame. Screw in the brackets. Slip over the curtain rod your café style curtains and attach the rod onto the brackets.

Step 4 – Install Window Treatments

Drill a small hole for screws above the window frame onto the wall. Screw in the brackets for the window treatments with a valance. Slip the window treatment over the valance and then mount onto the brackets.

Remember that safety comes first when installing curtains. Use a stable ladder or step stool if the window is out of reach. Because you need to apply pressure when drilling or screwing in the brackets you will need to be well balanced. Always use caution when bending over to pick up or put down tools. Make sure to come down from the ladder to prepare your treatments and valance before taking them up again to be attached. Great job!