How to Install Car Vent Visors

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  • 2-6 hours
  • Beginner
  • 35-100
What You'll Need
Vent visors
Rubbing alcohol
Clean cloth

Vent visors, also known as window deflectors, are automobile accessories and are installed on cars to give them a customized look. These visors are installed on the sides of a car’s windows. It is very simple to attach these visors to your car; all you need are the right kind of visors that match the size and the color of your automobile. Although attaching a visor to a car is not a very difficult task, choosing the correct visor for your car is. Here’s how you can install a vent visor.

Step 1 – Choosing the Right Kind of Visor

There are several auto parts stores that have vent visors for sale. Since the visor fits on to the upper part lip of your car’s window, the size should be enough to cover the entire window. Apart from the size, also check the make of the visor. The visor should be hard and should be able to fit in snugly on the top of the car’s window. You can also choose a visor with a custom design. These can be made especially for you at any of the car body shops.

Step 2 – Preparing Your Car

Preparing your car for the installation of the visor is something that most people ignore or forget. If the surface of the car is dirty or not prepared properly, there is a high likelihood that the visors will not attach properly. There has to be proper preparation in order for the adhesive to stick fast naturally. Usually, the visors come with a wipe dipped in alcohol. However, if your visor is without such a wipe, you can use some rubbing alcohol to clean out the dirt from the car’s window surface.

Step 3 – Installing the Visor

Position the visor in the correct place, on the top of the window. The visor usually has tiny flaps on one end that can help snap the entire length of it in place. Most of the vent visors available in the market can be snapped right into their place and do not require any adhesive or tools to install them correctly. However, it is recommended that the adhesive be used to fix the visor permanently.

Step 4 – Fixing the Visor Permanently

Once the visor has been snapped into place, you can be sure that the size fits. Remove the visor and apply the adhesive to the part of the visor that will be attached to the top of the window. If you don’t want to use adhesive and make the installation permanent, you can use a fastener instead. If you do plan to use adhesive, use it in small quantities so that the finish is clean and you do not create a lot of mess.

Step 4 – Finishing up the Installation

If you have been unfortunate enough to spill some adhesive on the body of the car, take a clean cloth and dip it generously into rubbing alcohol. Now, using the cloth, carefully wipe across the adhesive marks till they dissolve in the alcohol and your car is clean.