How to Install Cedar Fence Posts

What You'll Need
Cedar fence posts
Tape measure
Post hole digger
Wheelbarrow or bucket

Cedar fence posts are some of the most durable in the fencing industry today. If you are planning on installing this type of this post, you definitely have a lot of hard work in front of you. However, with the proper tools and understanding of how the process works, you will be able to get the job done. Here are the basics of how to install cedar fence posts successfully.

Step 1--Preparing the Area

Before you started, you are going to want to plan everything out. Take your tape measure and measure the area that you plan on installing the fence in. You will also need to determine how far apart you are going to put the fence posts. After you have determined where you are placing the fence, you might want to place something next to the spot where you are going to put a hole as a marker. This will help you determine exactly how many cedar fence posts you need to purchase. You may also need to obtain a permit in order to build a fence depending on where you live. You should also call the utility companies so that they can come mark where the utility lines and pipes are. 

Step 2--Preparing the Posts

After you have purchased the fence posts, you are going to need to prepare them for installation. Before you stick them down into the ground, you need to apply stain and then a sealer. This will help prevent them from rotting once they are down in the ground. 

Step 3--Dig the Holes

Once the fence posts are ready, you are going to need to start digging the holes to put them in. For this process, you should have a post hole digger. With this tool, you can jab it down into the ground and then pull out the dirt where you want the hole. This is a great tool to have and it is essential if you are building a fence. You want to make the holes about 10 inches wide in most cases. This will give you plenty of room to put the posts in and fill in around them without making them too wide. You are going to want to make the holes deep enough so that you can get at least one third of the post down into the hole. 

Step 4--Fill In Around the Posts

When you put one of the posts into place, you need to immediately fill in around it. You should start by putting some gravel around the base of it. At that point, you will also want to shovel some cement around the post as well. You can choose to keep the cement below ground level and put some dirt on top of the cement if you want. At that point, you need to allow the cement to dry and you can move onto the next post. Continue doing this until all of your posts are installed.