How to Install Ceiling Anchors

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  • 2-4 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 170-300
What You'll Need
Ceiling anchors (toggle bolt)
Electric drill
Drill bit (same size as the ceiling anchors)
Socket set
Masking tape

When you want to hang something from the ceiling, you need to use ceiling anchors or else you will risk parts of the ceiling falling down. The home ceiling is not meant to hold things from it that are of any considerable weight. The most popular ceiling anchors you can purchase are called toggle bolts. The great thing about toggle bolts is that they expand, creating wings which span across the ceiling on the inside. This disperses the weight more evenly, allowing weight to be applied to these ceiling anchors. The information contained here will show you how to install ceiling anchors safely and easily.

Step 1 - Choose the Location for Ceiling Anchors

It is important to pick the right location for the ceiling anchors because you will be making holes in the ceiling. Be completely certain that the area is where you want to hang your item from. Once you are satisfied with your choice, place a ladder slightly askew from under it. Climb the ladder but do not stand on the caution step. If you cannot reach the ceiling without using that step, then get a taller ladder. Make sure to remove any sharp objects from around the ladder in case you fall off.

Climb to the top and place a mark on the ceiling where the ceiling anchor will be installed. If you need two ceiling anchors then measure the width of the object you intend to hang. Always measure several inches from each side and use the difference in the middle as your points for installing the anchors. If the item is not too heavy then hold it up to the ceiling to better determine where you will place the ceiling anchors. Place a pencil mark for each anchor to be installed.

Step 2 - Make Holes

drill bit creating sawdust

The ceiling, like the walls, is covered with drywall. Drywall is fairly sturdy but will not hold much weight, which makes ceiling anchors very important in order to keep the ceiling in one piece. Consult the pack of the ceiling anchors you purchased. The package will tell you which drill bit you need to use. Install the correct drill bit to your electric drill. Rip off two pieces of masking tape and make an "X" over the circle you made where you need to drill. If you have more than one hole planned, then add a second "X" to the ceiling. The purpose of the masking tape is to keep drywall dust to a minimum as well as to prevent cracking and chipping. Place the drill bit over the circle you drew, and with even pressure, drill a hole through the ceiling.

Step 3 - Install the Ceiling Anchors

Fold down the sides of the ceiling anchors and then slide the anchor into the hole until the bolt head is flush against the ceiling. Pull the anchor downward, and the sides should open. The sides will grip the ceiling from inside, which stops you from pulling it down. This could take several attempts to achieve success.