How to Install Ceramic Bathroom Tile

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Ceramic bathroom tile can provide you with a durable and beautiful flooring surface. While the process of installing bathroom tile is not necessarily complicated, it does take some attention to detail and the proper tools. Follow the simple steps below to effectively install ceramic bathroom tiles.

Measure the Bathroom

You first need to measure the length and width of your bathroom. Multiply those numbers together to determine the area of the floor. Then add 10 percent to that figure so you will have enough extra tile to accommodate for mistakes and repairs.

Determine the Center

You need to lay the tile from the center of the room and work out towards the wall. Determine the center point of each wall, and snap a chalk line in both directions. Find where the chalk line meets; this is the center point of the room.

Spread Thinset

When you are ready to start installing the tile, you need to use your trowel to apply some of the thinset to the floor. Spread some in one of the corners of the intersection of the 2 chalk lines. Make sure that the thinset is spread evenly and smoothly on the surface of the floor.

Lay the Tile

Position one of the ceramic tiles and press it down into the thinset. Make sure that it is pressed down firmly and that there are no gaps behind the tile. Place take a tile spacer on each corner of the tile. Then position another piece of ceramic tile directly up against the tile spacers from the first tile. Continue laying tiles in this manner until you get to the wall or to the cabinets.

Cutting the Tile

When you get to the edge of the room, you will need to cut the tile to fit. Use your tape measure to determine the size of tile that you need. Then use the wet saw to make the appropriate cut on the piece of tile. Once you have the tile cut to the correct size, you can use the cut piece to fill the gap between the tile and the wall.

Allow to Dry

After you have laid all of the tiles, allow the thinset plenty of time to dry—at least 24 hours before moving on to the next step or before walking on the tile.


You can then start to apply the grout. Use a grout float or a trowel to apply the grout to the grout joints. Make sure that they are all filled with grout.

Clean Up

Use a sponge and water to wipe down the tile. This will take the extra grout off of the tile and it will allow you to smooth the grout joints as well.