How to Install Chain Link Fence Slats

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What You'll Need
Post hole digger
Cement mix
Fence material
Tension bands
Fence slats

Installing chain link fence slats to the existing fence will provide you with some privacy while still being able to use the same fence. A chain link fence is one of the more popular styles of fencing today because it is inexpensive, easy to install, low maintenance, and readily available. This type of fence is used in many ways from enclosing an entire yard, keeping small animals contained, or for keeping people away from a swimming pool. Sometimes the homeowner wants some privacy, but does not want to install an entirely new fence. Chain link fence slats are the perfect option. Installation is straightforward, but does involve some heavy labor.

Step 1 - Dig Holes for Posts

person holding a post hole digger

Use the post hole digger to dig holes that are 26 inches deep and at least six inches wide. Place a foundation of gravel into each hole that is about four inches deep. It is best to dig several holes at once so you can line up each post with the next one. Each post should be six feet from the previous.

Step 2 - Install Posts for Fence

Mix up the ready mix concrete and pour some of it into the bottom of the hole. Stand up the fence post into the wet concrete and make sure it is plumb. Place some more shovelfuls of concrete into the hole as you continue to keep it plumb. Make sure that posts stand up straight and move onto the next hole.

Step 3 - Install End Caps

Before you start to place the chain link fence on the posts it will need to have the tension bands slid onto them. Slide the bands onto the posts and then install the end caps. Use a rubber mallet to drive the caps onto the posts.

Step 4 - Stretch Chain Link Fence

chain link fencing

Lay out the chain link fence on the ground near where the posts are. Place the tension bars into the fence and stand up against each of the posts. Fasten the bars to the tension bands on the first post. Use a fence puller and stretch the chain mesh until it is tight. Then continue to fasten it to the tension bands.

Step 5 - Install Fence Slats

The chain link fence slats are simply driven down through the chain link until it reaches the ground. Stand up one of the fence slats with the notch on the top.

Step 6 - Connect to Locking Strip

The chain link fence slats are connected together through a locking strip on the top of the fence. Once you have a slat through the fence and onto the ground, connect a locking strip to the first slat.

Step 7 - Connect All Slats As You Install Them

Once the first chain link fence slat is installed, and connected to the locking strip, you can continue down the length of the fence. Continue installing the fence slats at the predetermined lengths according to the locking strip. As you slide one slat down, attach it to the strip. Continue this way until it is finished. Once it is completed you will have more privacy, but still be able to see through the fence.