How to Install Concrete Flower Bed Edging

What You'll Need
Concrete mix
Pick axe
Concrete molds
Garden hose
Line level
Tape measure

Installing a concrete flower bed edging is a great way to ensure that the soil in the flower bed stays in the flower bed, and that the grass from the yard stays in the yard. Concrete blocks are very easy to install and are just as effective for the flower bed edging as long as the edging is going to be in straight lines, but if you plan to build your own with curves and angles than it will be better to build your own concrete barriers around the flowers. For this article's purpose, we will use a simple concrete mold purchased from the store. 

Step 1: Excavate

Begin this project by excavating around the flower bed, making sure to dig it as wide as you will need for the concrete forms that you plan to use. Clear the entire area out, making sure that all rocks and debris have been removed. If there are any large rocks that need to be dug out, do so now and then fill in the gaping hole with soil and smaller rocks that you have already dug out. Lay a small level along the bottom of the trench as you go, trying to make the bottom as level as possible.

Step 2: Lay the Gravel

Line the excavated area with small gravel, such as pea gravel, and pack it down tight. Lay a scrape piece of board along the top of it and check for level. To do this drive stakes into all the corners and tie a string to one end. Use a line level attached to the string to ensure that it is level and secure the second end to the last stake. Add more gravel in areas that need to come up, until the entire run is level.

Step 3: Install the Forms

Begin laying the forms into the excavated area, making sure to secure them into place by using metal stakes or cut pieces of rebar. Before securing them down, though, measure from the line down to the board and make sure that they are still level.

 Install the forms all the way around the outer edge of the flower bed, making sure that it is level all the way around the perimeter.

Step 4: Install the Concrete

Mix the concrete according to the directions on the bag and begin shoveling it into the center of the forms. After you have the entire run filled with cement use a trowel and level it with the top of the forms. Allow to harden and set before removing the concrete forms.

That is all there is to installing concrete flower bed edging. You can not only make straight edging in this manner, but you can make curves, layers, and even stairs for raised flower beds. When building the forms be sure to use a template and mold them to the exact design that you want.