How to Install Coping for a Fiberglass Pool

What You'll Need
Coping kit (will provide necessary materials)
An extra person (heavy lifting)
Safety equipment (gloves and goggles)

Installing coping for a fibreglass pool is a challenging job. You will need a moderate knowledge of do-it-yourself skills as well as a lot of time and patience. Coping is important because it will give your pool a beautiful ornamental finish. This can be done with proper preparation, a little bit of effort and by following a sequence of logical steps. 

Coping kits are supplied with all of the necessary fittings to complete the task so additional items to secure coping into place will not be needed.


Step 1: Attach Coping to Pool

Walk around the entire pool and make marks every 6 inches along the edge. Put on the safety gloves and then use the screws from the coping kit to drill the coping into place at the areas marked out. 

Step 2: Attach Braces

Walk around the entire pool and make marks every 18 to 20 inches. Take the braces from the coping kit and place them on the areas already marked out. Put on the safety gloves and use the tek screws from the coping kit to screw the braces into place. Take the coping clips provided with the coping kit and snap them down over the brace joints that have now been created. The coping clips will have self-tapping tek screws on the back to hold them in place. 

Step 3: Level the Coping

The coping kit will come with roughly 15 to 20 wooden shims. Put on the safety gloves and walk around the entire pool, sliding one shim beneath a piece of coping where needed. The shims are made from a versatile, composite wood that will help create a more even water line. 

Step 4: Check and Adapt

Walk around the entire pool and make sure that each piece of coping is still 6 inches apart and each brace is 18 to 20 inches apart. It is important to check measurements while working because if one is wrong then it can mean the whole process needs to be started again. Don’t be afraid to manually tamper with the coping. It is soft and pliable so a small saw can be used to cut it into a desired shape for a tricky space. 

Step 5: Tape the Coping

Take the tape from the coping kit and walk around the entire pool. Use enough tape to completely cover each piece of coping. This will allow concrete to be poured on the surrounding area, creating a deck but not harming the finish of the coping. 

Step 6: Create Exterior

Once the concrete has been poured for the decking, the coping will be strong enough to support your weight while you finish decorating. Peel off the tape once you have finished. The coping and decking has been fully installed to a high standard that provides an aesthetically pleasing appearance.