How to Install Cordless Cellular Shades

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Drill bits
Cellular Shade
Mounting bracket

Cordless cellular shades are an inexpensive way of protecting yourself from the sun that has become increasingly popular over the years. In order to get the best from your cellular shades, you need to dust them down quite often, but this has not prevented people from fitting these popular items. The most commonly seen type of cordless cellular shades is the honeycomb shade, given its name because of the hexagonal appearance of the ends of the blinds. These honeycomb shades can be installed in any part of the home, and you only need a few simple home improvement tools, and a co-operative cordless cellular shade.

Step 1 - Prepare the Window

Make sure that your window is perfectly clean, and take off everything from the window sill. You may also want to wipe down the window frame, and the edges of the walls. This is to ensure that there is nothing that the shade can become dirty on, or which will prevent the proper installation of the blinds. While you are at the window, use your tape measure to measure the window, and take a note of the ultimate length. You will need this detail for later, when you come to install the shade.

Step 2 - Install the Bracket

With your cordless cellular shade, you will find a couple of installation brackets. You may or may not decide to purchase others which better suit your furniture, although this is of course your decision. You should take the length of the window, and then measure this on the shade. The brackets will need to be installed over the window, so allow about 2 inches either side of the window. 0Take your bracket, and drill a hole into the frame of the shade. Your hole should be about 2 inches from the end of the shade, so that it does not catch on the screw which pulls the shade up and down. Screw the bracket into this hole.

Step 3 - Fit the Bracket above the Window

Put your bracket, now screwed into the shade, above the window, and drill a screw right into the wall through the hole in the mounting bracket. Repeat on the other side, and then hang the shade from both, so that it hangs straight down. Once you have done this, you are ready to install the rail.

Step 4 - Installing the Rail

Take the headrail, and fit it between the hooks of the brackets. You should take care that no part of the fabric of the shade is trapped between the headrail and the brackets, and you should also be careful that the headrail is completely aligned with the window, so that it is not hanging lower on one side than the other. Once the headrail has been installed, you can move the shade up and down as you wish.