How to Install Dado Saw Blades on a Table Saw

Installing dado saw blades is a simple job that you will eventually do when you work with a table saw. If you’ve never done this job before, this short how-to will walk you through the steps.

Safety Precautions

Before you begin this project, make sure you are wearing protective goggles. As with any time you are working on machinery, unplug the unit from any power source. Start by removing the insert that covers the blade recess. Remove the blade using two wrenches, one on each side.

Installing the Dado Blades

Using a small wire brush, scrub the blade shaft to remove any debris so that the new blades will sit flat together. Install the first half inch box joint blade, followed by the two chipper blades. Place the last joint blade on the end. Lock the blades in place, then place the dado insert on the table and screw it down. You will have to use a dado insert because the single blade insert is too narrow to accommodate a dado blade.

Setting Up the Blade

Raise the blade slightly higher than the thickness of the plywood you are want to cut. Installing a dado blade makes your table saw a much more versatile tool in your shop.