How to Install Decorative Drywall Panels

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Decorative drywall panels are an effective way of enhancing the look of a room. Installing them is not an overly complicated or expensive task. Follow the simple steps below to plan and install your decorative drywall panels.

Mark the Studs

Once the electric work is completed, you can proceed to drywall installation. First, use a stud finder to locate all studs on the ground and on the ceiling. Mark each center of each stud with a pencil so you will know where they are when the drywall is in place.

Starting Point

The best way to start is from the corner of the room. Decide whether you are mounting the drywall horizontally or vertically.

Cut Off Excess

Next, cut the drywall where required. You need to carefully determine what needs to be cut off. Use the framing square to obtain straight lines. Mark the edge of the tool with a pencil, and use the utility knife to cut the face of the drywall.

Fit the Drywall Panels

Position the drywall behind the face of the panel. Then, snap it with a mild motion backward, along the line cut in the front. After this has been carefully done, crease the drywall and cut the backside of the drywall paper. Then, screw or nail the panel to fit. Follow the same patterns with each drywall panel, until the area is covered accordingly.

Apply Joint Tape

When you have finished screwing or nailing the drywall, you need to cover up the seams. The primary step is to apply joint tape to the seams and make pressure to force it into place.

Apply Joint Compound

Apply joint compound over the joint tape with a broad putty knife. Then, repeatedly smooth it over the seam, at a slight angle, and make sure to get rid of any clumps that might have formed in the process. Let the compound rest for approximately 24 hours. When the compound has dried, and the panel for a silky result.

Final Finish

Finally, reapply the joint compound with a broader knife than the one used before. Let it dry for another 24 hours and sand again. If necessary. repeat the process twice.