How to Install Decorative Exterior Shutters

What You'll Need
Screwdriver Bit
Hammer and Nails
Decorative Exterior Shutters
Tape Measure

Decorative exterior shutters add ornamental value to a home. These ornaments are actually very easy to install. They do not require cutting a hole or an opening for the installation. Decorative exterior shutters are actually installed to create a visual illusion that the windows are functional. Homeowners who want to spice up the façade of their homes can easily install these ornamental additions without the help of a professional. Read on for instructions.

Step 1 – Measuring the Length of the Window

The height and width of the decorative exterior shutters will depend on the dimensions of the windows. Get a tape measure and determine the height and width of the windows. The height of the shutters will follow the same height as the window or with at 2-inches allowance. The width of the shutter will usually be half of the width of the window or slightly lower. There are also shutter dimensions recommended by manufacturers. Check this information on the Internet for guidance.

Step 2 – Choosing Shutters

Exterior shutters can be made of different materials: wood, fiberglass, vinyl, metal, plastic, etc. While metal and plastic may provide good shutter designs, these shutters may easily break or get damaged. Wood is also a good material, but it will eventually rot due to exposure to heat and moisture. The best and most recommended type of shutter is vinyl. Vinyl shutters can withstand moisture, last longer than wood, come in a variety of designs, and are very affordable.

Step 3 – Preparing the Shutters for Installation

For every window, two shutters are to be installed, one for each side. Test the shutter on each side if they fit perfectly. If the shutter has a two inch allowance, the shutter should be an inch lower than the bottom of the window and an inch higher than the top. 

Step 4 – Pre-drilling the Shutters

Before securing the shutters at the sides of the windows, pre-drill the holes on the corners first. Determine how many screws are provided by the manufacturer and determine where to best place them on the shutter. Typically, all four corners should be provided with a screw. Other screws will be used for the middle sections of the sides. Check if there are marks on the shutter for screw installations. Place the screwdriver bit on the drill and a screw on the bit. Drive every screw only halfway on each corner of the shutter.

Step 5 – Mounting the Shutter

When every screw is secured, position the shutter on the edge of one side of the window. Make sure that the shutter is properly positioned before driving every screw completely on the wooden wall. If the wall is made of concrete and not wood, provide the appropriate mounting structure first. After the first shutter is secured in place, mount the other shutter on the other side. The shutters may also be nailed to provide additional support.