How To Install Door Trim For Interior Doors

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  • 4-40 hours
  • Advanced
  • 250-1,000
What You'll Need
Wood trim
Measuring tape
Protective eyewear
Miter box
Hammer with nails
Wood putty
Paint or wood stain

If you need to install door trim for interior doors, it can be accomplished without hiring a professional contractor. This is an easy project even for a novice do-it-yourself enthusiast. Once you gather the necessary materials and tools, the project will flow quickly and won’t be as hard as you thought.

Decide Trim Molding

There is a variety of trim molding available to outline and accent your interior doors. Either browse through your local home improvement store or surf the net looking at various styles from which to choose.

Take Careful Measurements

Obtain the height and length at the top of the door or doors and purchase trim molding to meet your measured needs.

Cut Trim

Cut your trim pieces using a miter box making 45-degree angle cuts at one end of each of the door side pieces and two 45-degree angle cuts on each of the top ends. Cut the 45-degree angles on each side piece in an opposite direction from one another. Make sure the 45-degree angle cuts on the top of the door piece are made facing each other so each bottom cut faces into the door.

Tack the Trim

Fit the 45-degree angle cuts as you tack the trim around the door. Choose either to go flush with the door jamb or possibly set the trim halfway back along the inside of the door jamb.

Nail the Trim

Secure the door trim molding every six inches by hammering finishing nails just below the trim surface.

Fill Nail Holes

Fill the nail holes with wood putty and sand before finishing.

Paint or Stain

Choose your selected paint or stain to finish the door trim to compliment the room décor. Make sure to avoid oil-based paint and stain by using eco-friendly latex or acrylic-based products.

Things to Remember

Make sure when selecting door trim that the style chosen fits in with your overall décor and home design. You may wish to replace your interior door trim with the same style throughout the home to ensure a consistent look. The same width and design on wood styles can be installed in different rooms and finished with color or stain to match or complement that particular room. It is highly recommended that you acquire enough trim material to replace all interior doors at the same time because the trim you select may not be available in the future. However, when selecting a plain, flat trim board buying just enough for the project at hand will suffice

Safety first is a good tip. Make sure when starting the project you clearly make the work area safe by locking the door to traffic. Also, make sure the area is clear allowing you the necessary movement to complete the project.