How to Install Drain and Supply Lines to a Clawfoot Tub

clawfoot tub
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What You'll Need
Clawfoot tub
Drain attachment
Water supply lines
Screwdriver and pliers

A clawfoot tub is a type of bathtub whose feet resemble that of an animal with a clawfoot. Aside from that, a clawfoot tub is simply a bathtub. When installing a clawfoot tub or any other type of bathtub, you will need to install the drain attachment and supply lines for the water. If you are simply replacing an existing bathtub with your new clawfoot tub, the supply lines for water will already be in place. It is simply a matter of installing the drain and connecting the existing lines to the tub. This article discusses the process of installing drain and supply lines to your clawfoot tub.

Purchase Materials

Purchase the replacement or new clawfoot tub and the necessary accessories for the drain and water supply line. Prior to this purchase, remove the existing bathtub and expose the supply lines. You need to have at least 1 other person working with you. You should also have a weight belt in order to prevent any strains to your back when working with the clawfoot bathtub. If possible, have the retailer from whom you purchase the tub deliver it and install it in order to make the installation easier.

Attach the Drain

The drain should consist of a strainer and a tube or pipe that will connect to the floor pipe. Position the bathtub over the drain opening for the bathtub and attach the strainer cover. Doing so will complete the installation of the drain to your clawfoot bathtub.

Attach the Water Supply Lines

The water supply lines for your clawfoot tub will need to be installed after the drain has been connected. The water supply lines will run to the faucet and hot and cold levers. To install the water supply lines, check the existing lines to see if they will connect to the threading found with the clawfoot tub. If necessary, you may need to connect an adapter in order to make the connection work. With the adapters in place, attach the faucet to the supply line. Before setting the faucet in place, turn the water valve on to the bathtub and test the faucet.

Connect the Faucet

Once you have successfully tested the water supply lines for the clawfoot tub, connect the faucet.