How to Install Edging Pavers Along a Gravel Path

paver stones between grass and gravel
What You'll Need
Pick axe
Line level
Edging material

Installing edging pavers is a great way to hold the gravel along your path in place, while giving it a stylish look that will improve the quality of your property's exterior. It is an easy task any homeowner can accomplish, so there is no need to hire an expensive landscaper. This task can be completed within a couple of hours just using standard tools found in your garage.

Step 1 - Excavate the Area

Begin the job by excavating the area where you plan to place the edging pavers. If you plan to use the existing path, simply shovel the gravel away from the edges, but if you plan to retain the existing width of the path, use the shovel and pickaxe to remove the existing material around it. Haul the excess soil or rock away with the wheelbarrow so that it is out of your way.

Step 2 - Measure Level

level and pencil on a table

In order to prevent water from standing in certain areas of the pathway make sure to level the ground where the edging pavers will be. To do this you need to drive stakes into the ground at the end of the troughs and tie a string to the end closest to the house or the structure that the path leads to. Use the line level to obtain a level line and then go down about a half of an inch and tie the second end of the string to the stake. The general rule is to go down an eighth of an inch per linear foot, so adjust the string accordingly before you tie it into place.

Step 3 - Place the Paver Edging

Begin at the end that is closest to the building or structure and begin placing the edging pavers into place. Use the string as the starting point and measure down to the edging material. If the ends are not exactly the same distance away from the string then you will need to either excavate some more, or add some soil or gravel so that the measurements are exactly the same.

Continue this process down the entire run, along both sides, making sure that the edging pavers are packed tightly together and that they are level with the string.

Step 4 - Secure into Place

The edging pavers now need to be secured into place, which can be done with stakes for some materials, or gravel and soil for others. No matter which type of material you chose to use, always back fill the area around the outer edge of the path with soil or sod after the edger paving has been installed.

Installing edger paving around the outside of a gravel path is a basic landscaping chore that can be accomplished in a few labor intensive hours. It not only holds the gravel in place on the path, but it will add an eye appealing element to it as well.