How to Install Edging Pavers around a Concrete Patio

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What You'll Need
Edging pavers
Garden trowel
Edge restraints

Installing edging pavers to your concrete patio adds some character and also accentuates its design. More importantly, pavers can also increase the overall durability of your patio because it forms a perimeter around it, making it more secure and intact. Installing edging pavers is not that difficult and you don’t really need to hire a professional to do the job. All you need are the right materials, some time, and patience.

Step 1 - Plan

Before starting or even purchasing your pavers, make a plan as to how the pavers will be placed and how they will look by the edge of your patio. Remember that they interlock with each other. Note also that the edges of the patio are not perfectly straight and even, so you will need to purchase the appropriate pavers. Measure the length and area where the pavers will go and use a hose or string to determine the curves of the edges where the pavers will go. Your home improvement person will then be able to recommend the best edging pavers for your application.

Step 2 - Dig a Trench

Dig a trench around your patio about four inches from the edge. The depth of the trench should be about 4 inches as well. Place the soil you are digging up onto the wheelbarrow and dump it on the side somewhere. Once you’ve finished digging your trench, get your trowel and smoothen out the walls and bottom of the trench.

Step 3 - Set the Foundation

After you’ve set up your trench, it’s time to set the foundation where your pavers will lie. This foundation is very important because a weak foundation will render the edging pavers useless since they will be unstable anyway. Pour an even level of sand, about 1 inch deep, around the trench. Then mix some gravel with the sand and pour 2 inches above the sand.

Step 4 - Lay the Edging Pavers

With the foundation in place, place the edge restraints along the perimeter of the trench. These will hold the pavers in place. They are usually made of either plastic or aluminum so they can easily bend to the contours of the trench. Set up the pavers close together, pushing them down into the cement. Align the pavers together, trying to minimize the space between them in order to form a more snug and secure edging. Don’t push down too hard in order to avoid displacing the foundation. Push the pavers down just enough so they are half-covered with gravel and sand.

Step 5 - Finish

Once you have laid down all of your edging pavers, inspect everything to see if they are all level and equally placed. Make sure that there are no large gaps in between the pavers so as not to compromise durability. Once everything is in order, get some more gravel and sand to fill the uneven gaps between the pavers and use your trowel to smooth them out. Once you’re done, enjoy a cool afternoon on your concrete patio with edging pavers.