How to Install Exterior Window Shutters Part 2

What You'll Need

Installing exterior window shutters will add an element of style and charm to your home. Exterior window shutters give a polished element to the home's exterior, and if they are functional instead of just decorative, can also offer additional protection to windows during severe weather. Shutters also give a nice option to open windows but keep out some light and elements. Here you will find additional information on how to install exterior shutters, making adjustments, and installing the tie-backs for the shutters.

Step 1 - Install Hinges

First, install one side of the hinge to the shutter. Place the shutter on a flat surface, and lay one side of the hinge on the upper and lower corner of the shutter where they will need to be attached. Make sure they are spaced consistently. Mark the placement of the hinges with a pencil, and mark the holes where screws will need to be attached. Remove the hinges and drill pilot holes (if necessary) on your marks. Replace the hinges and realign with your markings. Secure the hinges with screws into the pilot holes.

Step 2 - Install Shutters

Position the shutter next to the window where it will be hung, making sure that the top and bottom of the shutter is even with the top and bottom of the window. Mark the placement of the hinges on the side of the window frame where they will be attached. It is helpful to have someone to hold the shutter while another marks and drives the attaching hardware. Drill pilot holes, if necessary for the top hinge only. Replace the shutter and line up the hinges with your markings. Hold the shutter securely in the position that matches the markings and check to make sure it is level and plumb. Drive screws into the pilot holes in the top hinge only. Recheck to make sure it is still level and make adjustments to your markings as needed. Once you are confident of the positioning of the shutter, drill pilot holes and drive fastening screws in the bottom hinge. If adjustments need to be made, slightly loosen the screws on the hinges on the shutter and shift hinge position accordingly. Placing a little exterior caulk on the screws before you drive them in will ensure that they are not only secure, but waterproof as well.

Step 3 - Install Tie Backs

Install the tie backs on the shutter in the desired location. Installing one side at a time, lay the hardware on the shutter where it will be attached. Drill a pilot hole if needed, then drive the screw to secure the tie-back to the shutter. Close the shutters, and secure tie-backs together to get the precise positioning of the tie back on the other shutter, marking the position. Release tie-backs from one another and attach the other side's tie-back in the needed position. Open the shutters all the way, and position the tie-back against the wall, where the other side will attach. Mark the location needed, drill pilot holes, and attach the wall hardware. Repeat for the other side.