How to Install Fabric Vertical Blinds

What You'll Need
Phillips Screwdriver (or Power Drill)
Tape Measure
1/16 inch drill bit (optional but recommended)
Level (for outside mount only)
Head rail
Vertical blind louvers
Mounting brackets for inside and outside mounts

Congratulation on the purchase of your new fabric vertical blinds. Fabric blinds come in many different patterns that can be used to accent or compliment items in the room where they are installed. The installation of your vertical blinds can easily be completed by a homeowner. With proper care and use, your new fabric vertical blinds can provide many years of use. Follow these simple steps to install your blinds.

Step 1: Determine Mounting Method

The 2 different mounting methods are called inside mount and outside mount. If you mount your blinds on the upper inside of the window frame it is called an inside mount. An outside mount, as the name implies, is mounted “outside” of the window frame. If your head rail is wider than the window frame, you must use an outside mount. Your vertical blind kit includes all the necessary parts for either an inside or outside mount.

Step 2: Check Packing and Gather Tools

Open your blinds and remove the parts and packaging. The parts list may vary based on model purchased but should include: head rail, vertical blind louvers, and the mounting brackets, as stated in the tools list above.

Step 3: Install Brackets

For an inside mount, use the flat brackets. The brackets will be screwed to the upper inside of your window frame. The brackets should be mounted 1 inch in from the outside of the head rail. For an outside mount, you will need to measure to determine the location of the brackets. Measure the length of the head rail and mark a line above the window frame that matches this measurement. Hold the outside mount brackets on this line and mark the holes for the screws. You can use the drill bit to drill starter holes for the screws or you can use the power drill or a Phillips screwdriver to install the brackets.

Step 4: Install Head Rail

The head rail will be installed into the brackets. Snap the headrail in pace by inserting the front edge in the mounting brackets and rotating back.

Step 5: Install Louvers

The head rail will have a series of evenly spaced stems. Rotate the stems so that the louvers will be vertical to the window when installed. Louvers are installed by pushing up into the stems and then gently pulling down until it catches on the hook. If the louvers will not easily close, verify that all louvers are facing in the same direction. Make sure all hems face in the same direction.

Step 6: Install Wand or Pulley

The blinds will be operated by either a wand or a pulley system. If you system came with a wand, the wand will be clipped over the loop at the end of the head rail. If you system has a pulley system, connect the lower weight to the wall. The chord should be looped through the weight.