How to Install Faux Wood Beams in Your Ceiling

What You'll Need
Tape measure
Stud finder
Circular saw
Miter saw (optional)
Faux wood beams
Chalk line
Caulking gun
Construction adhesive
Ladder (optional)
Mollies (optional)
Wood blocks
Pencil (optional)

Faux wood beams can dramatically change to look of your home, and dress up your ceiling with style and architectural interest. Using faux wood instead of real wood makes the project easier and less expensive, while ensuring your beams will last the lifetime of your home. Here’s how to install these beams onto your ceiling.

Step 1 – Master Your Measurements

Take very careful measurements of your ceiling before you order your beams and materials. Snap your chalk line to mark the measurements and consider writing the exact sizes along side of the chalk like with a pencil. Order your beams and other materials accordingly, and measuring the inside dimensions of the beams.

Step 2 – Re-enforce Your Project

Using the circular saw, cut your wood blocks to fit inside the beams. One block for every 3 to 6 feet of length will be used to attach the beams to your ceiling.

Step 3 – Search Out the Studs

Using your stud finder, locate where you will be attaching your wood blocks within your chalk lines. You may wish to mark these spots with a pencil. If there are not enough studs to attach your beams, mark the spaces in between to be attached with extra support from mollies.

Step 4 – Cutting through the Beams

Let your faux wood beams acclimate to the climate of your home for twenty four hours to a week before you cut them to size. Use a circular saw for straight cuts or a miter saw for beams that may go in a corner or across a sloped ceiling.

Step 5 – Blocked Out

Attach the blocks to your ceiling using screws on the studs, and mollies with screws to secure any spots that do not fall on studs. Dry fit your beams to the attached blocks to ensure they have been cut to the correct measurements. You may consider marking where the blocks sit in each beam.

Step 6 – Attached to Success

Put your construction adhesive on the top of the beam that is to be against the ceiling and slide your beam into place over the blocks. Drive a screw through the top of the beam into either side of each block to secure the beam into place while the glue dries.

Step 7 – Caulk and Clean

Before the glue dries, check where the beam is attached to the ceiling where any glue that may have oozed out during installation. Clear it off and use the caulk gun to run a thin line of caulk along the seam between your beam and the ceiling.

While it may seem there are a lot of steps and materials involved in installing beams, the project is not that difficult, and you are sure to be thrilled with the results.