How to Install Felt Weatherstripping around Doors

To save on energy costs during summer and winter, you should consider weatherstripping doors in your home. Weatherstripping with felt will keep the cool air in during the summer and the heat in during the winter. Felt weatherstripping will also keep bugs from crawling under doors and getting into your house.

How It Works

Felt is a thick, soft material that is used in a variety of applications. It is relatively non-porous and will not allow bugs to penetrate or lay eggs. It is thick enough to prevent air from flowing through as well. Felt weatherstripping is used on doors for weather proofing. It's especially effective on doors that are uneven or have larger openings on the bottom or top due to warping or the door not being installed properly.

How to Apply

Felt weatherstripping is sold in rolls. The material must be cut to fit the width of your door. You can either measure the bottom of the door width, then measure the felt and cut, or unroll the felt along the door bottom and cut to length. The felt should be placed at the bottom of the door where most air leaks out or comes through. It can also be applied to the top of the door if there is air leakage. Once the felt weatherstripping is cut to length, it is adhered using tacks. Place the tacks every few inches to make sure it does not come loose.