How to Install Felt Weatherstripping for Windows

What You'll Need
Felt weatherstripping
Utility knife
Tape measure

Properly weatherstripping windows can provide you with several benefits. It can eliminate drafts and help you save on your utility bills. Here are the basics of how to install felt weatherstripping around the edge of the window.

Step 1--Measure the Window

The first thing that you need to do is measure the window that you are going to surround with weatherstripping. Take your tape measure and get the dimensions of the window. Then, Take the weatherstripping and cut it with the utility knife.

Step 2--Attach the Weatherstripping

Once you have the appropriate size of weatherstripping cut, you need to attach it to the window. With felt weatherstripping, the easiest and most effective way to attach it to the window is with nails. Hold the weatherstripping up to the appropriate place along the edge of the window. Then hammer nails through the weatherstripping and into the window frame.

You should hammer the nails periodically around the window frame until the weatherstripping is secured into place. Then, make sure that you can open and close the window easily with the weatherstripping in place.