How to Install Flagstone Flooring

What You'll Need
Concrete mortar
Spirit level
Angle grinder
Rubber mallet

Flagstone flooring is actually nothing new and it has been used for centuries both inside and outside the house. Flagstone flooring is where the natural shapes of the stones are used as part of the design rather than cutting every tile into a square shape. Installing flagstone flooring might be slightly more complicated than fitting standard tiles, however it's a much more efficient use of the natural material.

Step 1 - Preparation

Lay out the flagstones on the floor before you use any mortar. Try out a number of different patterns until you are happy with how everything fits together. The flagstones will not normally need to be cut, but they will need to be put together in the right way so that they fit together correctly. This is a bit like a complicated jigsaw puzzle, but it is slightly more rewarding if done properly.

If any stones really won't fit then they can be trimmed by using an angle grinder. It's a good idea to use an angle grinder which has a diamond-tipped blade as this will cut through the stones much easier.

Step 2 - Mixing Mortar

Once you're happy with the layout of the flagstones, mix the mortar according to the directions on the packet. This will be easiest when using a cement mixer, although it is possible to do this by hand if you prefer.

The mortar can also be mixed using an electric drill and paddle, or simply a shovel and you can continue turning the mortar over until it is mixed correctly. You will typically choose the option which suits you the best, depending on how much mortar you will have to mix, this in turn will also depend on the area of flooring you are covering with the flagstones.

Step 3 - Lifting Stones

Remove the stones one by one and fill the area under the stone with the mortar mix that you have already prepared. It's a good idea to use lots more mortar when you are working with larger stones because they will be much more prone to moving and cracking. After you have filled the area with mortar you can then place the stone carefully on top of the mortar. Be careful not to simply drop the stone onto the mortar because this will end up in a lot of it being squashed out, gently place it in the correct position to ensure the bond is as strong as possible.

Step 4 - Leveling the Stones

Now use your spirit level to check the stones are level, if they are sticking up in one area then you will need to use a rubber mallet or just your hand to tap them back down. Make sure that all of the flagstones are level in both directions.

Step 5 - Fixing the Stones

Repeat the process above by lifting each stone up and applying mortar and then placing it back down. Once you have finished this sand can be brushed in between the gaps or a dry mortar mix can be applied instead.