How to Install Metal Roofing

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  • 8-40 hours
  • Intermediate
  • 2,500-12,000
What You'll Need
Extension and step ladder
Measuring tape
Nail bag
Chalk line (orange)
Drill (regular drill bits, 5/16 for screw heads, screw head bits)
Metal roofing screws (5/16 lap metal screws, wood screws)
Hammer (heavy-duty)
1/2 lbs of 1 1/4 " roofing nails
10 lbs of 3 screws (long head)
Cutting metal snips
30 lbs tarpaper or roofing felt

Metal roofing can hold up under all types of dangerous weather conditions. It is actually waterproof and it also has a top rating for fire safety. This roof is becoming popular because it is safe and durable. It is not cheap to install, but in the long run, it pays off. A metal roof can actually last up to 100 years. A metal roof can be installed right on top of your existing roof most of the time. This eliminates the cost of ripping or tearing off existing material.

When installing your own metal roof, you will need to explore all of the different types of materials you will need. Shingles with interlocking systems made of aluminum are user-friendly. They also make it easier for you to install the more advanced shingles available. Metal roofs are also energy efficient. You can do your part for the environment by installing the metal roof.

Step 1 – Measure the Roof Height

Measure the height of your roof adding 2 to 4 inches to your measurement to allow overhang. Measure the height and length of your roof in order to do the metal edging. Measure the total length of trim pieces. Measure shingles using square feet. When measuring shingles, you will need to include 3 to 6 inches to the measurement to allow airflow.

Step 2 – Create a Base

Remove the old shingles and spread 30 lbs tarpaper or roofing felt to create a base. If you only have one layer of shingle on the existing roof, then use 1x4 slat boards. This will need to go over the existing roofing using 3-inch screws. They need to be about every 2 feet apart. The metal roofing will be installed onto the top of the boards.

Step 3 – Install the Metal Edging

Use metal 1 ¼-inch roofing nails to install the metal edging that goes around the perimeter of the roof. Take a metal sheet and use ¼-inch metal wood screws to affix the roofing onto the wood slats. You can also nail a chalk line (straight) every 2 feet to use as a guide.

Step 4 – Laying the Sheets

When you lay the first roof sheet, the wooden screws will be in the middle and on the inner edge every couple of feet. The subsequent sheet and all consecutive sheets will be overlapping the preceding sheet.

Step 5 – Install the Metal Trim

Next, install the metal trim along the edges of the roof every 2 feet using the 1 ¼ inch metal wood screws.