How to Install Foam Core Panels

What You'll Need
Foam core panels
Utility knife
Construction adhesive
Tape measure
Moisture barrier
Staple gun

Foam core panels are a type of insulation that comes in board form. This type of product has foam insulation and it is covered by two harder surfaces on the outside, such as metal or OSB. This type of material can provide great insulation for a home if it is installed correctly. Foam core boards have to be installed after the exterior walls are up but before the interior drywall is completed. You will be attaching the boards directly to the exterior walls. Follow the simple steps below to effectively install foam core panels.

Step 1 - Determine How Much You Need

The first part of the process is to determine how much you need. Use your tape measure to get the height and the width of each wall. Multiplying those 2 numbers together will give you the square footage of the area. Add the square footage of each wall together in order to get the total amount that you need to buy. You should most likely buy 5 to 10 percent extra to accommodate for waste. 

Step 2 - Start Installing 

Once you have the foam core panels, you can begin installing them on the walls. For this process, you will need to use your construction adhesive. Put some of the construction adhesive on one side of the  panel. Then press the panel up against the exterior wall in between the studs. Hold it in place for a few seconds, pressing hard to make sure that it bonds with the wall.

Step 3 - Cutting the Boards

When you are installing this type of insulation, you have to cut it to fit. The entire area between each stud has to be filled with these boards in order to provide adequate insulation. After you put a board into place, you will need to measure the size of the gap that remains. Then measure the appropriate dimension on one of the foam core panels. You should then be able to take your utility knife and score the panel. Once it is scored, you should be able to break the panel at the score. Put some adhesive on the cut piece to stick it on the wall.

Step 4 - Moisture Barrier

After you have installed the foam core boards, you need to install a moisture barrier on top of them. This is important so that moisture from the outside does not make its way into the inside of the house. Spread out a vapor barrier on top of the panels, and use your staple gun to attach it. Make sure that the entire area is covered with a moisture barrier to complete the job.